Cat Message


Quick read romance.
Nick and Amanda find each other during lockdown after Nick’s cat visits Amanda’s house and brings home a note.

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March 2020. Ten days into lockdown, comic book artist Nick is struggling with the isolation. When his cat brings home a message from a neighbour, it’s a welcome distraction. Soon, Nick finds himself depending on daily messages from Amanda to get through a bout of depression. But, just as he’s getting a handle on the new normal, the messages stop coming, and Nick has to choose whether to risk his life for a woman he’s never even met.

Bog roll shortages, clapping for the NHS and life on furlough; Cat Message captures the uncertain early days of the pandemic in the UK when people clung to the little things to keep their spirits up.

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This is a quick read title (novelette length).

eBook available on Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)

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